Lighting Level Calculator

Lighting Level Calculator 3.0

A tool to calculate the level of lighting in a room

Lighting Level Calculator is a tool to calculate the level of lighting in a room. The Lumens of different popular lamps are provided in this calculator, so that entry of this data is made easy and you do not have to look up this information every time. The calculations are based on the room cavity ratio. You have to input the length, width and height of the room and the software automatically calculates the area and the corresponding lighting level. These parameters can be stored by this calculator for later use in other calculations. The values can be entered by the keyboard or by the use of the mouse. There are input boxes with up and down arrows on the sides, for increasing or decreasing the value in the box. You can calculate the lighting level of a room, for a given amount of lamps and their lumens. You can alternatively find out how many lamps, with how much of lumens, will be required to give a specified level of lighting. If you change any of the variables, there is a corresponding dynamic change in the values.

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  • Extremely easy-to-use and accurate


  • Cannot calculate for rooms with different shapes
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